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The Best Toppings for Kakigori

Toppings for shave ice

The Best Toppings for Kakigori

Without the array of toppings, Kakigori would just be ice. That’s why most Kakigori comes covered in a delicious syrup, an unsweetened milk, fresh fruit, and even ice-cream. Here are some of the best ideas for topping off your Kakigori dessert.

Kakigori Syrup

Syrup is the go-to topping for Kakigori and usually one of the first toppings to pour over your fresh snow. Some of the most common flavors include strawberry, lemon, green tea, cherry, and blue raspberry.

Various Milk

To give your Kakigori a more creamy texture, some will add a type of milk to their Kakigori. You can start with unsweetened milk if you plan to add another sweet topping like syrup or fruit, or you can add sweet milk or even nut milk like cashew or almond milk depending on the kind of flavor you’d like to have.

Fresh Fruit

For a more fancy Kakigori, you can top it off with a sweet fruit. Of course, which fruit you choose to add to your Kakigori comes down to personal preference and again the kind of flavors you want your Kakigori to have, however, some of the typical fruits added to Kakigori include strawberries, oranges, grapes, and various berries and melons.


Adding ice cream to ice may seem like a weird choice for Kakigori, however, in some shops, there are specific kinds of Kakigori that embrace the various flavors of ice cream and the combination of that with Kakigori itself. You can even try adding frozen-yogurt for a more creamy result. Which flavors you choose to add come down to personal preference.


One of the best parts of Japanese Kakigori is experimenting with all the different possible flavor combinations it can have with how many toppings are available for the Japanese dessert.


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