Kakigori, shaved ice from Japan

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There is nothing more frustrating than buying something from Japan and not being able to read the instructions. English instructions are always included and we are always available to answer any question you could have. Japan has never been so close to you and your loved ones! All our products are shipped from Japan in record time. All our parcels are prepared with care and we promise to refund or resend all products damaged during shipping, without exception.

About us

Japanese kakigori & you

Kakigori machines is owned by Akazuki LTD well known for its Japanese store. Well aware of kakigori ‘s recent popularity, it became essential for us to give the opportunity for all to make at home kakigori. Itadakimasu! Japanese summer would not be the same without the traditional shaved ice dessert called kakigōri. Traditionally incorporating syrup, it may also feature fruits and condensed milk… The perfect summer refreshment !