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Kakigori machine Otona

Kakigori machine Otona

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The type of the plug is same as USA and Canada's standard ones, Type A. The product can be plugged in a USA and Canada's outlet. If you want to use this machine in other countries , you will need a converter / transformer.

- Power Supply: AC 100 V (50/60 Hz)
- Rated Power Consumption: 25 W


- Included 1 shaved ice machine, 1 divided ice bowl and 1 bowl
- Dimensions: 9.1 × 7.5 × 15 " ( 23 × 19 × 38 cm )
- Material: ABS / PP / POM

Precautions for use

- Dry the blade before storing
- English instructions included

  • Make snow cone or bingsu easily
  • Produces an amazingly fine, fluffy snow cone 
  • Impressive shaving speed  
  • Additional ice cups size : M
  • English instructions included
  • For making a big amount of shaved ice, check our additional ice cups

Looking for a delicious and refreshing summer treat? Look no further than the electric kakigori machine! This amazing appliance let's you create deliciously fluffy kakigori in minutes. You can also use frozen fruits to create fun and flavorful variations. So why wait? Get yourself an electric kakigori machine today!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

So easy to use

Makiko M.
Good !

I absolutely love this kakigori machine! It shaves ice effortlessly and creates the perfect fluffy texture. It's so easy to use, and the included instructions are clear and helpful. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys refreshing summer treats.

Jamy B.

As an enthusiastic fan of Japanese culture and desserts, I've been on the hunt for an authentic Kakigori machine for my own home for quite some time.
The first aspect I love about this machine is its beautiful design. It has a sleek and modern aesthetic that fits perfectly into my kitchen, yet it still carries a traditional Japanese charm, providing a perfect blend of old and new. The quality of materials and construction is top-notch, and I have no doubt it will hold up well under regular use.

Using the machine is effortless and incredibly satisfying. It produces light, fluffy shaved ice that's reminiscent of the Kakigori I've enjoyed at street festivals in Japan. The machine’s efficiency is also commendable, as it quickly transforms ice into snow-like shavings, allowing me to indulge in my favorite dessert whenever the craving strikes.

Another standout feature is its safety. The blade is perfectly encased and the ice feeding mechanism ensures you keep your fingers at a safe distance at all times. With children in my home, this feature gives me peace of mind.

The Otona Kakigori Machine brings a piece of the Japanese summer right into my kitchen, and I could not be happier with my purchase. It's a treat for the eyes and the taste buds, and it brings joy to my entire family. Whether you're a fan of traditionalKakigori or just love a refreshing icy treat on a hot day, I cannot recommend this machine enough. It's not just a kitchen appliance - it's a whole experience!

Beth K.
2 things

I love the machine and I liked I could buy also the replacement shaving block. Definitely a good deal! Also English instructions have been really useful. Thank you

Salah B.
Really good

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